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Help! My Clothes are Speaking to Me!

Embrace LogoHave you ever listened to your pants?  Just the other day my jeans started speaking and I began to listen.

You think I’m crazy, don’t you?  It’s not like we live in the world of Beauty and the Beast with talking teapots and dancing candlesticks.  And yet, the other day as I pulled on my favorite jeans, they began to scream.

On the inside of the waistband I discovered three simple words in large gold script. Some creative advertiser had plastered the words, “You are gorgeous” right on my jeans.

JeansAs I donned my outfit that morning, my jeans were telling me what I should believe about myself.  And, in that moment, I began to listen.  I thought to myself right then and there, “That’s right!  I am gorgeous!  Yes, Yes I am pretty cute aren’t I?”

It’s laughable when you really think about it.  I read impersonal words inked onto the inside of my jeans and began to listen to them like they were truth.

As I’ve reflected on the ridiculousness of that moment, I’ve realized my jeans aren’t the only thing in life that sends me a message about myself.  Some of them are good messages; others I need to ignore. Television, Facebook, Pinterest – they all tell me what I am lacking or what I could do to make myself just a little bit better. Unfortunately, I often passively listen to their messages, never questioning whether or not they are true.

Here’s the question I began to ask myself, the one maybe you should ask yourself this morning, too:  Why do I listen to the messages of this world when God has already told me who I am in His Word?

The Bible is overflowing with truths about us, God’s people.  When we are in Christ, followers of Jesus who have placed their faith in Him, we can and must look to Scripture for messages about our own identity.

For example, consider the words written by Paul in the power of the Holy Spirit in Ephesians 1:3-14.

You are blessed with every spiritual blessing (1:3)

You are chosen (1:4)

You are holy and blameless before God (1:4)

You are loved (1:4)

You are adopted by God (1:5)

You are completely forgiven (1:7)

You have an inheritance in Christ (1:11)

You have hope (1:12)

You are sealed with the Holy Spirit (1:13)

 And so, the next time I hear my jeans talking to me, I plan on talking back.  Not to my jeans, though.  I plan on speaking God’s truth to myself.  The manufacturers of my denim have nothing on Psalm 139:13-14.

My jeans may say I’m gorgeous, but my Creator, the God of the Universe, says I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Which one do you think is the better option?

Here’s my challenge for myself (and for you) this morning. How can we speak God’s truth to ourselves instead of listening to the messages that bombard us on a daily basis?


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