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EmbracingBoston_bannerThe years of 1775-1776 were difficult years in the origins of the United States. Patriots in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia and other areas of the East Coast were trying to break free from England and the grips of King George III. Another George, with the last name Washington, was one of several leaders who were trying to help the patriots in their quest to break free not only of King George’s taxes, but also the mandated religion of England.

The patriots who immigrated to England wanted to the right to worship Almighty God not as the King of England dictated, but as the Holy Word of God mandated.

Many of the battles in what is now known as the American Revolution occurred in the Greater Boston area.

I have always been fascinated with history. I love to read historical novels, visit historical places, and watch historical shows. Through a study of history we are able to trace trends and patterns that affect our world today.

Recently I have been reading David McCullough’s 1776 book re-counting this year in American history. One of the things that has struck me as I have read about the early troops and their desire to form a nation that would allow for unalienable rights is the passion of the individuals as they fought in battles, as they made decisions, and as desired to form a more perfect union. My eyes filled with tears as I read about men who had endured numerous battle wounds from the British Red Coats, but continued to fight because they so desired freedom.

In September Embrace will host a team of women who will engage in sharing the Gospel of Christ in the Greater Boston area. While Boston is a historic city where the patriots fought for their right to worship, today it is a city that is home to many people from around the world, but has an evangelical presence of less than 4 percent.

It is sobering to think that this city filled with the tales of the rich history of a people who sought to worship God freely now has church buildings that have been converted into apartment complexes because the church has had to shut her doors.

So, as our team prepares to engage Bostonians with the Gospel in September, I pray it is with the same passion of the patriots who fought for the right to worship over 225 years ago.

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